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10 Struggles Depressed People Avoid Talking About

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When I was 16, I was diagnosed with clinical depression. After the diagnosis, my uncle slapped me on the back and said, “Welcome to the family kid,” while my family all compared drugs around the kitchen table. I’m extremely lucky that my family not only accepted that depression is a real, serious issue, but they understood it. (I come from a long line of clinically depressed people.) They were mindful to make sure that my depression wasn’t used as a crutch or an excuse, but thankfully, I never once heard the unhelpful “Just suck it up and deal with it,” and for that, I will be eternally grateful. (I also wrote about 10 brutal truths single people never talk about.)

Depression is different for everyone, but over the years I’ve noticed a few things that don’t seem to waver. They hold fast in their level…

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Voting for Murphy

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The response of his colleagues to the Murphy Bill in the Cromnibus Bill was to put it charitably less than overwhelming. The media, which has seemingly had Rep. Murphy on speed dial, seemed to think Senator Warren was the news. Not only was Rep Murphy not newsworthy, he was not even noteworthy. And all of this the day before the Newtown anniversary.

And it makes me think. Perhaps Murphy is not quite yet ready for coronation as savior of all things mental health.

Let me use Tennessee as an example to make a point.

The mental health budget in Tennessee could possibly be cut as much as 7%. That cut will affect the welfare of thousands and thousands of people. In addition, Tenn Care (Tennessee medicaid) is cutting reimbursement rates to providers by 4% and on top of that is recommending an additional $18000000 in cuts for mental health services…

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