Getting healthy

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

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I find it ironic that practicing simple healthy habits is called “alternative” health and/or medicine.

I’m not using “alternative” health modalities. I’m getting healthy without medication after conventional medical treatment with drugs profoundly wrecked my wellbeing. Our language obfuscates. It’s quite Orwellian, in fact.

Getting healthy in my mind means returning to or rediscovering what being in tune with our body/mind and spirit entails.  Nothing alternative about that. It’s about returning to our animal inheritance. It’s foundational to simply being human.

Conventional medicine, in general,  as practiced, is what should be called alternative. I’m not talking about catastrophic care. That is when our medicine can truly work miracles. No, I’m talking about all the chronic conditions that are caused by the harm we’ve incurred to the atmosphere, the planet and our bodies. We dump toxins into the environment and eat polluted and processed foods that don’t…

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